Experiential Travel


Bonding with the Indigenous Marwari Horses

You will be given a small introduction as you greet them. The Marwari horse is spirited, loyal and highly sensitive so yes most importantly take it slow. The first connection between the Horse and human is based on Trust which is developed through TOUCH.

Start with grooming them, a nice brush will get you started on the right note. Simple instructions on how to tack a horse, mount, basic posture and few important key details to keep in mind while you learn how to walk your horse in the paddock under safety guidelines.

Every person responds differently and therefore we customize and let this experience flow and unfold in its natural way.

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Jeep safari in the countryside

One of the best ways to explore the stunning, rustic countryside around Shekhawati region. Away from the hustle bustle of the city life one leaves behind and can only and breathes the fresh air while you drive through small villages nestled amidst the countryside. One can enjoy the gypsy as a follow up behind horses too.

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Cycling in the countryside

An active crafted experience designed for cyclists who would like to engage as they cycle within the local villages and immerse themselves into their region, who love to enjoy the journey, the scenery, the countryside and explore on cycle .This experience is for the experienced and serious cyclists, we recommend you to inform us in advance about how you would like your experience so we can customize it according to your preference.

Village cycle tour (7 to 8 kms) combined village and countryside cycle tour

  1. Distance – Approximately 20 -25 kms

  2. Duration – 4 hours

  3. Timing – MORNING :

  4. Pre breakfast 6:00 am to 8:30 am

  5. Post breakfast 10:00am to 12:30 pm

  6. EVENING: 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm

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Try your hand at Pottery in a local artisan’s home

Traditional pottery with our local potter who belongs to the kumhar community. They all live together as one big family so you will notice each home’s courtyard has lots of different shapes and sizes of different designs of handmade pottery. The sheer joy of being in their home in the village adds so much more to the experience.

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  1. Make your own Lac Bangle


This traditional art of lac bangle is carried on by a particular community known as the Manganiars. From the simple joys of engaging in different steps of creating your own lac bangle with the local ladies, one can even select from a wide range of colourful lac bangles displaced.



 2. Tye and Dye experience


This experience is fascinating as one can participate in watching the technique used while the local artisans are engaged in their work. Interestingly enough this technique is also practiced only by the Muslim community in the villages. The amalgamation of different colours which come together to form different yet each more beautiful than the other enriches the experience.


 3. Engage in Carpentry with a local Artisan


As children all of us have played with wooden toys which are sadly a dying art now due to the development and machine made toys .Yet we have a local artisan named Mangal who strives to keep the art alive by making small figures of wooden camels, elephants and horses. Few tricks one can play with his unique snake and spider boxes. From hand painted trays to the traditional game known as Chopad can interest you while you engage in the art of local carpentary with Mangal .To be a part of the local art is as good as being a part of keeping its roots alive.



 4. Indulge in cooking the authentic way


Bajre ki roti on Chulha and Lasun ki chutney on a Silpatta (Make your own Millet bread on the earthen stove and garlic chutney on a grindstone) This is as real and authentic as it can get, we like to ask a convenient time which is suitable to our local hosts as to when we can visit them. Engage in making some home cooked food with the ladies and let the rest unfold as a surprise. All in all a combination of good energy, simple life, healthy food and lots of laughter.


 5. Visit to a Stepwell, Lohargal Dham (Religious holy place known to have immense faith by the local villlagers). Trek around the Aravali range in Shekhawati region.


This area is a surprise as from the sandy terrain; one finds themselves surrounded by lush green Aravali Mountains especially in the monsoons. This area is called Udaipurwati where short and long treks can be customised according to your requirement. There is a beautiful abandoned 500 years old Stepwell named Chetan das ki Baori, one must visit whereas always the architecture leaves you mesmerised. Lohargal Dham is a hidden gem of rajasthan where we have an historical & holistic experience .it is nestled between the Aravali hill ranges. There is a beautiful historical story which waits to be told.



 6. Get yourself a Local artist handmade sketch while you visit us


You can share your favourite picture which you would like to have as a memory with      

#abaisasadventures experience.


A young village boy who is gifted with a talent, we want to spread through our work. He has in the past made outstanding sketches of our guests. So if you want one, please share your memory with us through an image you would like to be captured as a handmade sketch .It will be framed upon finish and presented to you.

               Size and cost:

               A3 size: Rs 2500/-

               A4 size: Rs 2000/-


We are happy to have from minimum 2 pax to maximum 15 pax as each experience is handheld personally by Mallyka Baisa and no time limit is mentioned as the guest can choose to spend more time if one enjoys while taking part in the experience.